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Number 5: Decluttering

So here’s number 5 out of 50…

5. Remove something from your life that doesn’t serve you to make room for something better and new. You never know what you might let in when you let something go.

Needless to say this year I have been learning a lot about moving on and letting go (which I won’t get into just yet) but to focus on this week alone, I probably did something that would make most people gasp for air, wait for it…wait for it…I deactivated my Facebook page!  Yes I am no longer a member of the FB community after 5 or so years.

My decision to leave was spawned by a few things, but do you ever notice how you can have in your mind to do something and all of a sudden something slaps you in the face that gives you the courage to take that leap, whether that leap is still a matter of choice or forced upon you. Looking at number 5 I now realize that FB was no longer serving me and my need to balance my energy. My energy has been off for months and I have been trying to figure out ways to get back to being myself without the tension and knots building inside of me. I started to look at ways to find peace in my life and remove those things that were not for my good and then it came to me…FB was one of the things that was draining my energy, so I decided then and there it had to go. We spend so much time watching other people’s lives, putting people into categories so that they can only see this or that. We spend more time managing and hiding various parts of our lives on FB than using it for actual social networking. It just wasn’t worth it to me anymore…But with the removal of my page, and other small things I got rid of in the declutter process, I finally got the motivation to start this blog. I let something go and let something better in…my love for writing.

Now maybe months or years from now I won’t feel the same way (that’s what the reactivation button is for) and I will find myself once again apart of the ever growing FB community, but for now I’m at peace and that’s all that matters…


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Getting back to it…

My earliest memory of writing started when I was 10 years old. I joined a creative writing class and wrote a poem that ended up in a childrens book my class put together. Can you imagine what it feels like to know as a child that your words and the expression of those words means something? I hadn’t turned my back on it since…until recently that is.

Over the last few years I’ve gotten so caught up in the everyday (even if some of those days only included sitting on the couch watching netflix) that I stopped doing the thing that moved me the most. Even when I had the itch and felt like my mind was overflowing with things I wanted to get out, needed to get out, I put it on the back burner. But not anymore! I’m getting back to it.

And it all started with an article…I have been reading a blog called Tiny Buddah for a while now when I came across “50 ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities”. It had a ton of great tips, but what really hit me was a commenter who said something along the lines of “it would be great if some brave soul explored each tip once a week for a year”…a year of adventure he called it. So here I am and that’s where this blog will began…I will be documenting my journey through these 50 opportunities and see what awaits me on the other end…

Here’s that article if you want to check it out http://tinybuddha.com/blog/50-ways-to-open-your-world-to-new-possibilities/

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